ARTICLE 1 - The « Seller»

The company MYCELIUM ROULEMENT, SAS (French LLC) with a capital of 400,000 €

Whose headquarters are situated: CRT 4 de Lesquin Rue Léo Ferré, 60 rue du haut de Sainghin. Registered at The Trade and Companies offices of SAINT QUENTIN under the number 503 908 576. APE Code : Commerce de détail d'équipements automobiles (4532Z)* VAT Number: FR43503908576.

Designated hereafter and interchangeably : « the Company », « the Seller » or « 123Bearing ».

Editor and owner of the website.

Owner of French trade names: « 123 Roulement », « 123 BEARING », Trade number: 19 4 562 464 and 19 4 540 011 Domain owner.

Hosting Company: Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL, 38 avenue John F. Kennedy, L-1855 Luxemburg

Contact Email :
Telephone Number : (646) 712 9672

ARTICLE 2 - Interpretation :

These terms may be used in the following GTC in both their singular and plural forms.

Advantage :

Any service provided by the Seller to the Beneficiaries.

Purchase Order :

A purchase order placed by the Customer on the Seller's Web Site in accordance with these Terms and Conditions of Sale.

User :

Any individual or legal entity, using the website in compliance with the general conditions of use.

Customer :

Any natural person entering into a contract, carrying out an order in compliance with the present GTC and who acts in a manner that does not fall within the scope of his/her commercial, industrial, artisanal, or independent activity. Account or Personal Account :

Customer account for viewing order history, quotes, and transactions as well as the customer's contact information and delivery locations.

The Website :

The website


the present General Terms and Conditions, or Terms of Sale


The various special conditions of sale that may override the present GTC and after formal agreement between both parties.


The website's General Conditions of Use.

Product Description :

A detailed description of each Product presented by the Seller on the Web Site.

Delivery :

Shipment of one or more Products in fulfillment of a Purchase Order validated by the parties.

Product :

All goods shown for sale in the catalog made available online by the Seller.

Customer Service :

Department of the company in charge of customer relations, reachable by

  • Phone at (646) 712 9672 from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm (UTC +1)
  • Email at :
  • Mail at this address : CRT 4 de Lesquin Rue Léo Ferré 59273 FRETIN - FRANCE

Returns Service :

Department of the company in charge of customer relations, reachable bye :

  • Phone at (646) 712 9672 from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm (UTC +1)
  • Email at :
  • Courrier at this address: CRT 4 de Lesquin – Service Retour - Rue Léo Ferré 59273 FRETIN – France

Carrier :

Any transport carrier pre-selected by the Seller.

ARTICLE 3 - Application of Terms

3.1 The present general terms and conditions of sale constitute, the sole basis of the business relationship between the parties.

Their purpose is to establish the Parties' rights and obligations with regards to the sale of Products present in the catalog made available online by the Seller on the Web Site.

They are applicable between the Company and consumer Customer within the scope of the preliminary article of the Consumer Code, i.e :

« Any natural person who is acting for purposes which are outside his or her trade, business or profession ».

Their purpose is also o define the conditions the Seller provides to the Customer, upon request, via the Web Site or by contacting Customer Service directly, with the Products available on the Web Site.

They are applicable without restriction or limitation to all sales concluded by the Seller with Customers in the same category, regardless of the clauses that may appear on the Buyer's documents, including any Terms of Purchase.

In accordance with current regulations, these Terms of Sale are systematically disclosed to any buyer who so requests, to enable him or her to place an order with the Seller.

The Buyer shall be given clear and precise information relating to the sales contract.

With special regards to :

  • The good's main specifications ;
  • The good's price ;
  • The delivery date, if necessary ;
  • The seller's identity and contact details ;

When placing an order, the Customer will automatically receive the GTC by e-mail when he or she places an order. These GTC will be made available on a long-term digital document (PDF) at the end of the order.

The present Terms of Sale may be accessed on the Seller's website on the tab : Conditions of Sale.

Moreover, prior to giving his or her consent or while he or she is considering whether or not to purchase a Product from the Seller, the buyer has the right to contact the Seller in order to answer any question. He or she must then contact Customer Service.

Alternatively, he or she may refer to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) at the following link :

A request for a free phone call can be submitted through the contact form.

Any order of Products implies, on behalf of the Buyer, complete acceptance of these Terms of Sale and of the General Conditions of Use of the Seller's Website for electronic orders.

The information contained in the Seller's catalogs, brochures and price lists are subject to change at any time.

The Seller has the right to make any changes deemed appropriate.

In accordance with current regulations, the Seller reserves the right to deviate from certain Terms of Sale clauses herein, depending on any negotiations conducted with the Buyer, by establishing Special Terms of Sale.

The Seller may, in addition, be led to determine Categorical Terms of Sale, which may deviate from the present Terms of Sale, depending on the type of relevant clientele, determined on the basis of objective criteria. In this case, the, Categorical Terms of Sale apply to any and all operators meeting these criteria.

3.2. Partial Invalidity

If one or more provisions of these Terms of Sale are held to be invalid or declared null and void pursuant to a law, regulation, or as a result of any final decision of a competent authority, the other provisions shall nevertheless remain fully enforceable and valid.

3.3. Non-Waiver

The temporary or permanent non-enforcement of one or more clauses of the GTC by the Seller or the tolerance of the Customer's failure to comply with his or her obligations shall not be deemed a waiver by the Customer of such obligations or of the other provisions of the GTC, which shall continue to be in effect.

ARTICLE 4 - Products and description

The Products on sale presented in the catalog which is published on the Website, as well as on any commercial material, are each described with a description detailed by the supplier or accessible on the manufacturer's website.

The essential characteristics and in particular the unit price including all taxes, the dimensions and technical characteristics are made known to the Customer who certifies that he or she is aware of the conditions of use.

The product's appearance and color are not considered essential characteristics.

The images depicting the products have no contractual value.

ARTICLE 5 - Orders - Pricing

5.1. Languages :

All contractual and commercial documents are written in French. The Customer must have a sufficient level of understanding of the French language.

Under no circumstances may the Seller be held liable for the Customer's misunderstanding of the French language.

However, in order to guarantee a better customer experience, another version of the site is available to Customers in English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and German. The translations provided cannot replace the original French version or in any way affect the seller's liability.

5.2. Personal Account

Prior to placing any order, the Buyer must first request for a Personal Account to be created before placing any order.

The Buyer is hereby deemed competent and authorized to place an order.

This account will be created directly on the site and on the basis of the information provided by the Customer or by linking to his or her Facebook account. If the account is created via Facebook, 123Bearing will receive the Customer's name and e-mail address.

The information requested during account registration allows the Customer to be identified for invoicing purposes and order processing, but also for "targeting" or reminders in such a way as to suggest and Product or service considered relevant or complementary to the Customer's browsing preferences.

This personal account is secured by a password chosen by the Customer. This password as well as the related account are non-transferable and personal. The Seller may not be held liable, in the event of negligence on the Customer's behalf, for unauthorized use of the Customer's account by a third party who would have had access to the username and password.

This password may be changed in the Customer's personal space. The Customer is advised to change his or password regularly.

This Personal Account enables the Customer to view their order history, quotes, saved shopping carts, as well as track returns.

The Customer's personal information can be viewed and modified directly through their personal space.

The aforementioned Personal Account may be terminated or suspended in the event of failure to pay, partial or late payment, as well as any act or breach causing prejudice to the Company.

5-2 Steps in the Order Process :

The Customer will have the possibility to place an order by selecting each Product presented at their unit cost excluding delivery costs, on the site and through their browser. Certain Products can only be ordered in bulk.

Each Product is detailed with its reference code as well as its main characteristics. In addition, a set of tutorials or articles are available to help better understand each Product's characteristics.

The Customer can then decide on the quantity required per Product. The selected Products will be placed in his or her "basket". The basket can be viewed by the Customer at any time.

In order to place an order, a summarized statement of the articles/products constituting the Customer's "basket" will be provided. The Customer will thus be able to check his/her order details, and also decide to delete or modify the quantities of the Products selected. A grand total of the order, including VAT, will appear when viewing the basket.

The Customer must, after confirming their basket, fill in the Delivery address of the aforementioned order as well as the choice of Delivery method. The price of the Delivery will then be transmitted to the Customer in advance. The Delivery price is charged in addition to the price of the products ordered.

In order to access the payment step, the Customer will be asked to read these Terms and Conditions of Sale and to fully acknowledge them by ticking the two boxes provided.

This confirmation implies the acceptance of all Terms of Sale and constitutes proof of the sales contract.

The order and its confirmation are acknowledged by sending an email and is subject to stock availability.

Moreover, an order is only validated if payment has successfully been processed.

If a Customer opts to pay by bank transfer or check, the order will only be validated when the funds are received in the Company's bank account or when the check has been received.

Failure to transfer funds or send a check within 10 days of placing the order, will result in an order cancellation.

The Buyer will be sent a copy of these Terms and Conditions of Sale in digital format.

5-3 Legitimate Termination of Sale :

In accordance with the provisions of Article L.121-11 of the Consumer Code, the Seller is entitled to refuse the order by invoking a legitimate reason. It is already specified that the following elements will be qualified as legitimate reasons :

  • Abnormal or illegal nature of the request ;
  • Refusal to pay ;
  • Late payment for previous Orderss ;
  • Product unavailability ;
  • Consumer displaying abnormal behavior ;
  • Bad faith on behalf of the Buyer ;
  • Existence of a previous dispute ;
  • Any incivility towards the company's employees.

Any refusal or acceptance of the Purchase Order shall be notified by the Seller to the Customer by any means at their disposal: e-mail, fax, mail, etc.

ARTICLE 6 - Price :

The Order price is comprised of :

  • Product(s) price(s) including all taxes ;
  • Processing or preparation fees if applicable ;
  • Delivery fees.

6.1 Product Prices :

The prices of Products sold on the Website are indicated in dollars, including all taxes but excluding the cost of preparation and delivery costs and are valid as long as they are shown on the Product Page. Any exchange rate fees and/or bank commissions for purchases made abroad are at the Customer's expense.

The Product(s) preparation costs appear when validating the order.

If the price of the same Product(s) is shown at another location on the Website (for example on the home page or on the newsletter), the price shown on the Product Page shall be the only price to be taken into consideration. The Products are supplied at the price in effect at the time the order is placed.

Promotional operations may result in price fluctuations of one or more Products for a limited period of time as indicated on the website. Such price fluctuations will not entitle the Customer to any reimbursement for Orders placed after the promotional period or without having used the associated promotional code.

All prices are subject to possible typo errors or miscalculations due to algorithms.

Should an error occur, the Seller will contact the Customer to inform him or her of the error made by their services and will remind him/her that the order will be invoiced in the correct conditions. However, if the Customer refuses to accept the price correction, they are free to cancel the corrected order without penalty. This cancellation must be explicit.

6.2. Delivery fees

Delivery costs are charged for all deliveries. The aforementioned costs are indicated at the time of the order confirmation. They may vary according to the method and time of delivery.

Deliveries abroad, to French Overseas Departments and Territories, etc.... are subject to special conditions for which the Customer will be informed, before Confirmation of the Purchase Order. The amount of the Delivery charges is determined by the weight, the total volume of the Delivery and the place of delivery depending on the rates charged by the Carrier. This participation covers the costs of preparing the order and its specific packaging. The amount of this fee is indicated in the order summary.

6.3. Customs Duties

Any order delivered outside the European Union may be subject to customs duties and import taxes, which are collected when the package arrives at its destination. Any additional customs clearance costs are the Customer's responsibility. As customs policies vary greatly from country to country, it is the Customer's responsibility to contact the local customs department for more information. In addition, please note that when you place an order with 123Bearing, you are considered the importer and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving the goods.

ARTICLE 7 - Payment Terms

7.1 Payment Methods

The order amount is payable immediately at the time of the order. The currency used is the euro. As exceptions, the UK sterling pound and the US dollar are also used on the web site.

Payment can be made online via credit card (VISA, CB, MASTERCARD), by PAYPAL, HIPAY, by bank transfer, or by check.

In the event that payment is made by bank transfer or check, the order will not be confirmed until the funds are received in the Company's bank account or until the bank check has been received.

The Seller will not be obliged to proceed with the sale and delivery of the products ordered by the Buyer if the Buyer does not pay the price in accordance with the terms and conditions indicated above.

7.2. Payment Security

To make transactions secure, the Seller will request the Customers' bank details for each new order. The Seller will use a secure payment system that the Customer can access at the time of payment on the Seller's website. During the transaction, the Customer is automatically connected to the payment processing center's server. The banking data, which is protected by encryption, do not transit through the Seller's systems and are therefore not kept by the Seller.

Online payments involve the use of dedicated software packages for secure payments :

7.3. Payment Incidents

In the event of total or partial lack of payment, the Seller expressly reserves the right - to suspend or cancel an order's delivery while in progress on behalf of the Customer - to withhold fulfilment of their obligations - to limit or cancel any discounts granted to the Customer.

In the event of a payment incident, the outstanding amounts will be immediately made payable for all orders that have been placed or are in progress.

The outstanding amount due to the Principal will incur an interest rate of 3 times the current legal interest rate.

Collection costs as well as any fees or legal costs and expenses arising therefrom shall be paid by the Customer.

7.4. Property rights

The Seller reserves, until the price has been paid in full by the Buyer, full ownership over the products sold, allowing him to repossess the aforementioned products.

Any advance payment made by the Buyer shall remain the property of the Seller by way of lump-sum compensation, without prejudice to any other action that the Seller may be entitled to take against the Buyer as a result.

Conversely, the risk of loss and deterioration shall be transferred to the Buyer upon delivery of the products ordered.

ARTICLE 8 - Deliveries

8-1. Place of delivery

Deliveries are made to the address indicated by the Customer on the Purchase Order. The delivery address must be a physical address (name, number, street, postal code, town, country). SARL MYCELIUM ROULEMENT reserves the right to refuse any delivery to a post office box.

8-2. Delivery methods

Except in special cases or in the event one or more products is unavailable, the products ordered will be delivered in a single delivery. SARL MYCELIUM ROULEMENT reserves the possibility, when an order includes several different product models, some of which being temporarily unavailable or permanently out of stock, to ship the order excluding the missing product model(s).

The price of the missing product models is then immediately credited to's Account. A transfer to the Customer's bank account will be made within 72 hours (business days) by clicking on the refund notification e-mail and, for any refund request made by postal mail, within a maximum period of 15 days. In the event of a specific request from the Customer concerning the packaging or Product transport handling conditions, duly accepted in writing by the Seller, the related costs will be subject to separate invoicing on the basis of an estimate previously accepted in writing by the Customer.

8-3. Delivery times – Delivery deadlines

The shortest possible delivery time for Products is explicitly stated on the Product Page. This delivery time does not include weekends or public holidays and depends on Product availability confirmed by the supplier. The deadline at which the Seller has agreed to deliver the order is explicitly stated on the Purchase Order.

In the event of a failure to respect the delivery date mentioned in the Purchase Order, the Customer may cancel his order by sending a Registered Letter with acknowledgement of receipt to Customer Service. Cancellation shall not be taken into account by the Seller if the shipment or delivery took place between the sending and receipt of the said letter unless the delivery date has been mentioned as an essential factor in the purchase by the Customer. The payment made by the Customer shall be immediately recorded in his/her Account and may be refunded to him/her, upon request, within a maximum period of 15 days following the Customer's payment of the Price. In the event of failure to comply with the Delivery deadline, the Seller may exonerate themselves from all or part of their responsibility by providing proof that the non-fulfillment or unsatisfactory execution of the contract is attributable to the Customer, to the unforeseeable and insurmountable fact of a third party to the contract and/or in the event of a force majeure.

8-4. Receiving Deliveries

The Customer agrees to provide all the necessary information required for the delivery in order to guarantee a successful outcome (and in particular a telephone number at which the Carrier can reach him/her during the day). The Customer agrees, for him/herself or for the recipient of the Products, to receive the goods at the same address he/she has indicated. At the time of Delivery, the Customer or the recipient of the Products must be able, if requested, to prove his/her identity. The Customer is obliged to check the state of the Products delivered. The Seller shall replace any Products delivered with apparent defects or lack of conformity as soon as possible and at the Seller's own expense.

8-5. Returns

  1. Product Return cases: The Products can be returned within the terms and conditions of exercising the right of retraction, lack of conformity, and apparent or hidden defects. De herroepingstermijn is 14 dagen. In case of a defect or apparent defect in the product, the customer can return the product as long as it is not assembled.
  2. Product Return Methods: The Product(s) are sent by the Customer to the Return Department located 60 rue du Haut de Sainghin, 59273 FRETIN, France specifying their preferred option of an exchange or refund. The right to return Products can thus be exercised without penalty. No returns will be accepted for cash on delivery. A return slip present in each package must be filled out, indicating the precise return for the return. Return costs are the responsibility of the Customer. For these items, a prior request for return may be made by the Customer to the Return Department, specifying his/her preferred option of an exchange or refund. The Returns Department will take the return into account by assigning a file number. The Products must be returned in their original packaging, new and unassembled. 

    In the case of an obvious defect or error, 123Kogellager will bear the cost of returning the goods.

  3. Notwithstanding the rights and circumstances as well as the procedure specified above, returning Products will entitle the Customer to a refund.
  • For Customers from mainland France, Corsica and Monaco, the Price of the returned Product is immediately registered on the Customer's Account and is refundable by check or by bank transfer upon request via the refund information e-mail or by telephone. If the Payment of the Order has been made through a credit institution or by PayPal, the refund will be made using the same means of payment used at the time of the Order.
  • For Customers outside mainland France, Corsica and Monaco: The Price of the Product returned is refunded by the means of payment used when placing the Order.

ARTICLE 9 - Transfer of Ownership - Risk Transfer

9-1. Transfer of ownership

The Products transfer of ownership in favor of the Buyer will only be carried out after full payment of the price in principal, including costs and taxes, by the Buyer, regardless of the Delivery date of the aforementioned Products.

9-2. Risk Transfer

The risk of loss and deterioration will be transferred to the Buyer upon Delivery of the order unless the Buyer has requested Delivery or withdrawal of the order by his/her own means or by a designated delivery service provider. In that case, the transfer of risk to the Buyer shall take place at the time of the Product's dispatch or pick-up.

ARTICLE 10 - Seller's Liability - Warranty

10-1. Statutory warranty against hidden defects :

Under articles 1641 and following the French Civil Code, the Seller is liable for any hidden defects in the goods sold. A seller is liable where a defect, which was not apparent at the time of the sale, renders the product unfit for its intended use or reduces its usefulness to such an extent that the buyer would not have acquired it… (Article 1641 of the French Civil Code, translated from French).

In order to invoke this warranty, the Customer must demonstrate the existence of a latent defect, serious enough to render the item unfit for use, a hidden defect and a defect occurring prior to the sale.

The action for hidden defects must be initiated by the purchaser within two years of the defect's discovery. (article 1648 of the French Civil Code). Proof of the hidden defect shall be the Customer's responsibility. The Buyer shall exercise his/her rights at no cost.

  • Is exempted from providing proof for the goods' lack of conformity during the 24 months following delivery.

10-2. Guarantee of Conformity :

In accordance with article L.217-5 of the French Consumer Code, to be in conformity with the contract, the good must :

  • Be fit for the use normally expected of a similar property and, where applicable :
  • Corresponds to the description given by the Seller and has the qualities that the Seller has presented to the Buyer in the form of a sample or model ;
  • Present the qualities that a Buyer may legitimately expect in view of public statements made by the Seller, by the producer or by their representative, for instance in advertising or labelling ».
  • Present the characteristics defined by mutual agreement between the parties or be suitable for any special use sought by the buyer, brought to the knowledge of the seller and accepted by the latter ».

Products delivered by the Seller shall be covered by a contractual warranty for a period of 2 years from the date of delivery, covering the non-conformity of the products with the order. A defect in conformity is a defect that renders the property purchased unfit for its normal use expected of a similar product. (article L. 217-5,1° of the French Consumer Code). The Buyer shall exercise his/her rights at no cost.

The warranty is an indivisible part of the Product sold by the Seller.

The herein described warranties are limited to replacements or refunds of any non-conforming or defective products.

In order to invoke these rights, the Customer must, at the risk of forfeiture of any action relating thereto, inform the Seller of the existence of any defects, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt or by any means that guarantees the date of notification and within the time limits provided for this purpose.

Any warranty is excluded in case of misuse, order error, negligence or lack of maintenance on the part of the Buyer, as in the case of normal deterioration of the Product or in the event of a force majeure.

The Seller shall replace the Products under warranty that are deemed unsuitable or shall issue a credit note for the amount of the defective Products to be used on the next order. This credit note may be used to reimburse the product using the reimbursement voucher available on the website.

Replacing a Product will not extend the duration of the above-mentioned warranty period.

10-3 Warranty Claims :

The assumption of warranty is subject to an expert assessment of the cause of the non-conformity or defect invoked.

Depending on the situation, this assessment will be carried out either by the manufacturer (item disassembled and returned) or by an approved expert appointed by 123Bearing who will physically carry out the assessment.

  1. If the allegedly defective Product appears to be the cause of damage to other parts, the Customer must imperatively contact 123Bearing and not disassemble the affected Product. 123Bearing may commission an independent expert to determine the origins of the malfunction.
  2. If the allegedly faulty Product does not appear to have caused any other malfunction: In order to return the item, the Customer, depending on the Product, must go to their account and select as reason for return, "the part received is defective". The Customer must insert the Return Voucher in the return package. Any invoices or estimates directly related to this malfunction must be enclosed within the package or sent by e-mail to within 10 days of receipt of the part in our warehouses. After this 10-day period, no additional refund request will be taken into account. The customer can proceed to change the part, if he or she wishes, once the product has been disassembled and sent back.

No replacement parts will be lent by 123Bearing to the Customer during the time the product in question is being held for warranty assessment.

If the guarantee is confirmed and the Customer has incurred expenses to return the Product, the Customer may send proof of these expenses for refund (on the basis of La Poste So Colissimo's rates). Failing to do so will result in the return shipping costs to be at the Customer's expense.

The warranty will not be taken into account if :

  • A product's normal wear and tear (variable depending on the nature of the item),
  • Defects and consequences related to the Customer's product choice that does not comply with the manufacturer's specifications or that is not identical to the replaced part.
  • Defects and consequences related to an incorrect assembly that does not comply with the machine's technical specifications on which the part is mounted.
  • Defects and consequences related to an error made by the Customer by not complying with the manufacturer's specifications to store or use the item that may be detrimental to it being properly maintained,
  • Defects and consequences related to any abnormal use of the machine on which the article was mounted or not in conformity with the use for which it is intended
  • Damage caused by an external source (accident, lightning, power surge...).
  • Defects related to Products that the Customer has altered, repaired, built-in or added,
  • Products whose defects are due to transport damage.

In all the above-mentioned scenarios, 123Bearing shall not be held liable for any Product defects or damages caused.

In the event that accepts the warranty, will, depending on the product ordered, repair, replace, or refund the product within a maximum period of thirty (30) days following the date at which the defect was acknowledged.

123Bearing hereby informs the Customer that tire refunds will be calculated in proportion to the wear rate (measured/estimated based on the condition of the assessed product and the information provided by the Customer in the warranty form).

In the event a warranty is refused, the Customer will have the option to recover the item by contacting our customer service department within seven (7) calendar days, and ten (10) calendar days for tires, from the date the Customer was informed of the warranty refusal.

10-4 Warranty disclaimers :

No warranty shall apply if the Products have been subject to abnormal use or have been used in conditions different from those for which they were manufactured, especially in the absence of complying with the conditions stipulated in the user manual.

Neither does the warranty apply in the event of any damage or accident caused by impact, fall, negligence, lack of supervision or maintenance, or in the event of any Product alteration or third-party involvement with the Product without prior authorization from the Seller.

The products sold by 123Bearing must be assembled and used by a competent person under their sole responsibility. 123Bearing does not offer any third-party product assembly solutions on its site and cannot be held responsible for the consequences of improper disassembly and assembly, the use of an ill-adapted product on a machine and direct or indirect damage caused to an object or person. The customer is solely responsible for the manufacturer's recommendations and instructions regarding the product's compatibility and use for maintenance purposes.

10-5. Liability :

The Seller is not liable for any failure or poor execution of the contract caused either by the Buyer or a third party to the contract, or by force majeure.

The Seller cannot be held liable for the product's non-conformity with the laws and regulations of the Consumer's country. It is the Consumer's responsibility to check whether the product is authorized for sale in his or her country.

The photographs and graphics appearing in the catalog or on the website are given for informational purposes only and do not constitute a contractual obligation by the company guaranteeing a perfect similarity between the Product ordered and the Product depicted.

Consequently, and unless the Customer states otherwise, and unless the Product's aesthetic attributes are an essential criterion, the Company shall not be held liable for any discrepancy between the product photographed on the product page and the delivered product.

ARTICLE 11 - Intellectual Property

The content (photographs, visuals, texts, drawings, images, videos, logos, slogans) reproduced on the Seller's sites, but also on any material or immaterial communication medium are the exclusive property of the publisher and are protected by copyright, trademark law, and patent law where applicable.

It is prohibited to reproduce, use or distribute these elements without prior written authorization from the publisher, thereby exposing the offender(s) to legal proceedings.

ARTICLE 12. Dispute Resolution

12-1. Claims

Any dispute must be addressed to consumer service by the following means :

  • By email:
  • By mail to the following address: CRT 4 de Lesquin Rue Léo Ferré 59273 FRETIN-France
  • By phone at (646) 712 9672 from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm

The dispute must be adequately explained and detailed in order to be processed effectively.

12-2. Mediation

In the event of any failure in the dispute claim procedure with consumer service or in the absence of a response from this service within two months, the Consumer may then submit the dispute relating to the Purchase Order or these GTC between him/her and the Professional Seller, to a mediator who will attempt, with complete independence and impartiality, to bring the parties together to reach an amicable solution.

M. le Médiateur du Centre national des Professions de l'Automobile (CNPA)

43 bis route de Vaugirard - CS 80016

92197 MEUDON Cedex



Moreover, the customer also has the possibility of using the European platform for online dispute settlement which allows, via the European Commission's website "Online Dispute Resolution", to seek an amicable solution with the Professional (located within the European Union) by choosing the competent consumer mediator (Article L. 616-2 of the French Consumer Code) :

The parties bound to the contract remain free to accept or refuse the use of a mediator and, in case of a mediator is involved, to accept or refuse the solution proposed by the mediator. In the event of failure to file a dispute with consumer service or in the absence of a response from this service within two months, the parties agree to resort to mediation in an attempt to find an amicable solution to their dispute and to take legal action only if mediation fails.

ARTICLE 13. Protection of Personal Data :

13-1. Collecting Data

The information requested on the website is required to create a personal account that is necessary to make a purchase. However, browsing the website is in no way linked to creating a personal account. The information collected by the Seller, allows the Seller to propose the best commercial offers and current happenings through a targeted E-mailing campaign or a newsletter.

During telephone calls, the Customer is informed beforehand of the possibility of being record. He or she may object to this in advance.

The credit card details entered or provided at the time of purchasing a Product are not collected, since they are entered directly into an independently operated payment system.

13-2. Purposes of Data Collecting

In compliance with the rules set forth in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into force on May 25, 2018, the Customer is hereby informed that all data collected is conducted for the purpose of improving the User and/or Customer experience as well as for supervised commercial purposes that benefit only affiliated companies, the parent company, and/or subsidiaries of the Seller, and/or Partners for commercial prospecting purposes, unless the Data Controller expressly objects to this model with the DPO (data protection representative).

Telephone recordings are made in order to ensure improved staff training in charge of answering telephones in order to improve Customer experience. These recordings may be used in the event of a dispute.

The Customer using is also hereby informed that he/she may be solicited after placing an order in order to collect and use his/her opinion in the aim of further developing the website. This opinion may be used and relayed on digital media or any other media chosen by the Seller.

13-3 Security Measures

The Seller guarantees the Customer that all partners in collaboration with the Seller comply with the principles set forth in the GDPR. The Seller has thus appointed a DPO (data protection officer) in order to ensure proper compliance with these obligations. Moreover, the data is collected solely for the purpose of fulfilling these obligations. The data is subject to encryption in accordance with GDPR legislation..

13-3 Rights

Pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), the User/Customer is hereby informed of the various rights regarding his/her personal data :

  • The right to access and correct personal data ;
  • The right to modify or restrict personal data ;
  • The right to be forgotten ;
  • The right to object to personal data processing ;
  • The right to the portability of personal data allowing their transfer on an exploitable support to any person of their choice, on request.

These rights can be invoked by contacting the DPO (data protection officer) by email :

In addition, the User/Customer may exercise his/her right to access and rectify information via his/her personal space.

Any claim may be filed with the supervisory authority (being the CNIL in France) with which the company is registered (CNIL Registration Number: 1295340).

The personal information collected is in no case entrusted to third parties except executing a service ordered by the Internet user (carriers/deliverers, etc.) or in the framework of the terms mentioned in the present article.

The data collected are kept actively, i.e. within an active operating system for 3 years from the date of their collection or they date they are updated in order to facilitate sending commercial offers, but also for updating the Company's Customer/prospect database.

Beyond this period, the data is kept in an inactive manner (storage without processing) for an additional 3 years (i.e. 6 years in total) in order to substantiate the company's rights and obligations in the event of legal disputes and in compliance with the statute of limitations for civil actions.

ARTICLE 14 Right of Withdrawal

14-1. Withdrawal Terms

You have the right to withdraw from this contract without providing a reason within fourteen days.

The withdrawal period expires fourteen days after the date on which you, or a third party other than the carrier and selected by you, take physical possession of the goods or, if delivered separately, of the remaining goods.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, you must notify us of your decision to withdraw at the following address :

Returns Service : Customer Relations Service, reachable by

  • Phone at: (646) 712 9672 from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 19:00 (UTC +1)
  • Email at:
  • By Mail at this address: CRT 4 de Lesquin Rue Léo Ferré 59273 FRETIN - FRANCE

The right to withdraw from this contract must be made by means of an unambiguous statement (e.g. letter sent by post, fax or e-mail).

You may also use the withdrawal template form annexed to these GTC. The withdrawal form is also available at the following URL link : Withrdrawal Form

In order to comply with the cancellation period, it is only necessary that you send your withdrawal notice before the expiry of the cancellation period.

You must return or surrender the goods, without unreasonable delay and in any event no later than fourteen days after you have informed us of your decision to withdraw from this contract. This time limit is deemed to have been observed if you return the goods before the fourteen-day period has expired.

14-2. Effects of Withdrawal

If you withdraw from this Agreement, we will reimburse you for all payments received from you, including delivery charges (except for any additional surcharges arising from you choosing, where applicable, a delivery method other than the cheaper standard method of delivery offered by us) without undue delay and in any event no later than fourteen days from the day we are notified of your decision to withdraw from this Agreement. We will refund you using the same payment method that you used for the initial transaction, unless you expressly agree to a different method; in any event, this refund will not incur any cost to you.

ARTICLE 15. Hypertext Links / Cookies

15-1. Hypertext Links

The website may contain external hypertext links, however the web pages where these links lead do not imply any responsibility whatsoever on the part of the company, which has no control thereof.

The User therefore agrees not to hold the site responsible for the content and resources relating to these external hyperlinks.

15-2. Cookies

For statistical and display purposes, this site uses cookies. These consist of small text files stored on your hard drive. These files allow you to identify yourself instantaneously when you access the site, thus avoiding the need to enter your login and password each time you access the site. They also allow intuitive navigation and a personalized shopping experience. Certain parts of this website cannot function without the acceptance of cookies. Our site uses cookies to improve the user experience, to personalize our content and advertising, to provide features available on social networks and to analyze our traffic.

We recommend that you accept using them in order to fully enjoy your browsing experience.

We also share information about your browsing habits with our analytics, advertising, and social networking partners, including our GDPR-compliant Google Analytics software solution.

ARTICLE 16. Jurisdiction

In the absence of an amicable agreement, you may bring any dispute relating to the existence, interpretation, conclusion, execution or breach of the contract and all documents related to this contract before a court. The competent court will have jurisdiction over where the defendant resides.

ARTICLE 17 Language and Applicable Law

The language of this contract is originally written in French. The law applicable to this contract is French law. This contract and the GTC governing it are subject to French law.